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The Haystack

As a Dutch saying says: standing still is going backwards, the Heide Hoeve is also working on her future: The Regge Hooiberg (=haystack) is a new kind of accommodation in the so-called Regge area and is unique for the Netherlands. The Regge hooiberg is a luxurious holiday home shaped as a haystack as seen in the earlier years in the Dutch country side. On the inside the accommodation is be equipped with all kinds of gadgets and comfort. This development is a initiative of foundation “Ontdek de Reggestreek” (discover the Regge Area), a cooperation between several entrepreneurs in and around the Regge. More information about the Regge you can find on our page “the Regge region” Recently we have been able to realize 2 Regge haystacks on our property and was their build completed. Below you’ll find a short photo impression of the 2 accommodations.

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